Presidential Preference Election - March 19, 2024

Published on January 03, 2024

What is a PPE?

The PPE is a statewide Political Party Election where voters who are affiliated with a participating Party will choose who they would like their Party to nominate as a Presidential Candidate in the General Election. Delegates will travel to their Party's national convention and cast their vote for which Presidential Candidate will appear on the General Election ballot.

Who will be on the ballot?

Only partisan Presidential Candidates will be on the ballot. If you are registered with the Democratic Party, your ballot will list Democratic Candidates. If you are registered with the Republican Party, your ballot will list Republican Candidates. There will be no write-in options.

Who can vote in the PPE?

The provision for an open primary does not apply to the PPE. This means that only voters of a participating Party may vote on that party's ballot. Only registered Democrats or Republicans may vote in the March 19, 2024, PPE.

How can an Independent vote in the PPE?

Voters registered as Independents, Libertarians, Green, No Labels, Party Not Designated, or Others may change their Party affiliation by the registration deadline in order to vote in the PPE. After the PPE, they can re-register to their previous designation. The registration deadline for the PPE is February 20, 2024.

How do you change your Party affiliation?

This can be done online through, or visit our office at 1015 Fair St. Rm 228, Prescott, or 10 S. 6th St., Cottonwood.