Campaign Finance

Changes were made to the dates of the 2024 Primary Election (see attached HB2785):

  • The NEW 2024 Primary Election date is Tuesday, July 30, 2024
  • All petition sheets with the election date of August 6, 2024 will be accepted, DO NOT correct petitions that voters have already signed. Petitions with the August 6 Primary Date in the header are grandfathered in and will be valid during the filing period
  • DO NOT submit a new statement of interest. If you have already submitted a Statement of Interest with the August 6 Primary Date, it is grandfathered in and will be considered valid for this filing period
  • NOTE: The candidate filing period for the Primary Election has changed. 

 As the filing office, we cannot provide legal advice and all petitions are subject to court challenges. See attached HB2785 and if you have additional questions please contact your legal counsel.